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Algolia Community Party
London, England πŸ“† November 5th 2018
Panel: Denvers Talent Problem
Denver, CO πŸ“† September 28th 2018
Lone Developer is Dead
Denver, CO πŸ“† September 27th 2018
San Francisco, CA πŸ“† July 30th 2018
Serverless Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan πŸ“† July 17th 2018
DevRelCon Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan πŸ“† July 15th 2018
DevRelCon China
Suzhou, China πŸ“† April 21st 2018
Algolia Tech Lunch: Working Remotely
Paris, France πŸ“† November 21st 2018
WTF is a Developer Evangelist?
Paris, France πŸ“† January 29th 2018
Algolia Search Party: What Can’t React Do
Paris, France πŸ“† January 25th 2018
Algolia Search Party: Community Gift
San Francisco, CA πŸ“† December 7th 2017
DevRelCon London
London, England πŸ“† December 6th 2017
Happy hour with SendGrid and Algolia
Denver, CO πŸ“† November 14th 2017
The Vue from up here is nice
Birmingham, England πŸ“† October 19th 2017
Algolia Search Party: Bringing Static Back
Paris, France πŸ“† October 12th 2017
Algolia Search Party: No servers, no problem
San Francisco, CA πŸ“† August 10th 2017
Intro to Phoenix, Part III
Denver, CO πŸ“† January 10th 2017
Intro to Phoenix, Part II
Denver, CO πŸ“† December 5th 2016
Community Prevails
Denver, CO πŸ“† November 10th 2016
Intro to Phoenix, Part I
Denver, CO πŸ“† November 7th 2016